Wanna throw away the bad days? please reconsider

I’ve seen lots of posts on social media about how eager folks are to put 2021 behind them. I feel it too.

There are tons of funny memes on social media that say things like: “We’re going to walk into 2022 real quietlike and don’t touch ANYTHING!” There’s even a comic strip with one frame that shows a person saying to their friend, “boy, 2021 was a shit show. I’m glad THAT’S over. It can’t possibly get worse!”

Then in the next panel, some character named 2022 will be laughing and saying something like: “hold my beer.”

Look. I get it. These have been challenging years for many. Me included.

At the same time, I remind us all not to be so hasty to wish our lives away.

There is genuine suffering and injustice happening every day in our world. COVID has only heightened that.

At the same time, life hasn’t stopped – and likely won’t – because of the pandemic, or politics, or any one of a thousand other small and large tragedies. We’re called to the work of trying to help.

We’re also surrounded by beauty every day. There are countless reasons to feel awe – if we make a practice of looking for those things, I promise that they’re there.

We’ve got this.
You’ve got this. #beauty #inspiration #hopeful #hope #covid