The Hills are Alive…

If you see a guy walking around Cincinnati singing Edelweiss, that’d be me. My youngest daughter Xela is rehearsing for her part as Gretl in the upcoming production of The Sound of Music. It’s playing at The Carnegie in Covington soon.

After sitting through 3 or 4 hours a night listening to the rehearsals, the songs are tattooed on my brain. It’s annoying, I’ll admit, but I’ve learned that you can make almost anything better by singing a selection from this Rodgers & Hammerstein classic.

Dogs got into the trash and scattered it around your neighbor’s yard? Try singing Do Re Mi while picking up rotting kitchen scraps. You’ll be skipping and twirling in no time.

Find yourself in your crawlspace at Christmastime with shit all over you from the broken sewer line (turns out it couldn’t take Aunt Bunny anymore than you could)? A few cheery bars of My Favorite Things from underneath the house will have your company exchanging worried looks with each other, packing up the obnoxious kids, and heading out straightaway.

Just try it the next time you have to change that diaper or clean up after the cat. You’ll be transformed.

In the meantime, we’ll be shuttling our budding actress the 2 miles to and from rehearsals by bicycle/trailer.

Here’s a video she took unbeknownst to mama.


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