Hiking in the huachucas

Huachuca. Sounds kind of like: Waa-Choo-ka. You’re welcome. I have been hiking & backpacking lately in southern Arizona on the Arizona National Scenic Trail. I do it as a form of therapy and enforced quietude. It’s often so silent, so beautiful, and so rugged, that I get swept up in emotion unexpectedly. Here are some… Continue reading Hiking in the huachucas


Creatress, lover, traveller and sage You gift the world and usher an age of healing wonder   Deep blessings and bows for your care your concern do you care for yourself? You have nothing left to earn and still you give from the depths of Her pouring out blessings with unspoken words Where are you?… Continue reading Creatress

Who is God?

Have you ever heard – or experienced – the saying, “The only thing that’s really permanent is Change”? That’s emblematic of this thing called Process Theology. I won’t try to explain it, as it’s mind-bending and maddening stuff (though, show me anything someone has written about G-d that isn’t). Suffice it to say that the… Continue reading Who is God?

The Gift

“Come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving. It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair. come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again, come, come.” Jelaluddin Rumi Yes, the world hurts, but there is power in those hands of yours. Yes, the world hurts,… Continue reading The Gift

Religion – does it separate or unite?

Interesting fact: By what name do 2 million Christians refer to God? “Allah” It’s Arabic for “the god” – or more correctly, “The God” or “THE God”. It’s also Aramaic – the language of Jesus (“Allah”, “Elaha”, “Elaw”). Is it not interesting how we conflate religious meaning with political & cultural meaning? Is it even… Continue reading Religion – does it separate or unite?

Sunset musings

I’m here in Berkeley, California to get my Master of Divinity degree. A sweet irony for me is that I don’t have to be enrolled in any school to find divinity. It’s on stark display daily in this beautiful place. Tonight as I walked west from campus toward home, I was watching this spectacular sunset… Continue reading Sunset musings

You go rest. I’ll wait here for you.

I've lit this candle to do the work. You rest awhile.

Sometimes I want someone to do this for me.   Goodnight beautiful Sun. Rest. Your body must ache from all that work. Day after day you burn, always shining, never asking anything from me. Day after day, you show up Day after day, you move Day after day, you lie down knowing Tomorrow must come and so you Cheerfully… Continue reading You go rest. I’ll wait here for you.

Angkor Wat

We planned our travels around mostly local culture, flavor, and minor or less-well known sites. Angkor Wat is an exception. I couldn’t rightfully travel through Cambodia with 2 young kids and not take in this historic site. I’m glad I didn’t miss it. Located about 2 miles north of the city where we were staying, Angkor Wat is… Continue reading Angkor Wat

The hypocrisy of water

Nice pool for the tourists and rich people

I took a shower this morning in the hotel in Kuala Lumpur. A pretty long one with lots of steam and sudsy bubbles everywhere. If you read my post over on BlueSkyAcademy, you know that we started off in a rented local apartment this week. It had a more typical setup for plumbing. The government… Continue reading The hypocrisy of water