Sunset musings

I’m here in Berkeley, California to get my Master of Divinity degree. A sweet irony for me is that I don’t have to be enrolled in any school to find divinity. It’s on stark display daily in this beautiful place.

Tonight as I walked west from campus toward home, I was watching this spectacular sunset unfold in front of me so instead of heading to the apartment, I headed straight to the rooftop deck area.

I can’t afford an apartment with a rooftop deck, but then again, plenty of shitty things have happened to me over the years that I also didn’t deserve, so yeah… I’ve got a rooftop deck…

This sunset evenĀ smelledĀ good.

Check out these pictures and then turn off your computer and go hug someone or call someone and say “I love you.” or “I’m sorry.”

That, my friend, is the best advice a first-year divinity student can give you about how to find the Divine.

Tonight’s sunset was epic


I couldn’t decide whether to shoot the sky or the bay or the bridge.


Being here in Berkeley studying divinity, don’t think I’m not struck when I see divinity in person. Wow.


Oh right… there are three other directions here besides west. This was looking south.


The Golden Gate in front of a golden sky.


The under-lit clouds were spectacular.

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