Religion – does it separate or unite?

Interesting fact:

By what name do 2 million Christians refer to God?


It’s Arabic for “the god” – or more correctly, “The God” or “THE God”.

It’s also Aramaic – the language of Jesus (“Allah”, “Elaha”, “Elaw”).

Is it not interesting how we conflate religious meaning with political & cultural meaning?

Is it even important what we call God? Is it even important that there is a God?

Here’s an article that that got me thinking about all of this. Meanwhile, I think I’ll try “Trixie” for awhile instead of God or Allah. I met her last week while on vacation with my wife and daughter. I’ll attach a picture.

You read this while I go have coffee with Trix.

All of us enjoying what Trixie hath made.
All of us enjoying what Trixie hath made.


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