Notes from rehab – day 3

This is the 2nd installment in my series about my struggle to regain control over my addiction to technology.

Digital Detox: Day 3

I’m writing this in the early morning.

Last night was rough.

I can’t believe this is affecting my sleep this way. I’ve been irritable for the past several days.

Snapping at everyone.

Started off eating well, good diet yesterday, but binged on cereal and  half a bag of cookies at like 9pm. Woke at 3am. Big headache, up until 5am. I feel like shit.

This is really unbelievable. All-consuming. It’s like I’m possessed with this spirit that keeps egging me on – telling me how much I must be missing online. Of course when I give in to the temptation and actually check email or Facebook, there’s nothing – just like always. There’s never really anything there. But there MIGHT BE, right?

Today I’m going to physically turn off the router so as to remove the temptation to cheat. Just telling myself I wouldn’t log on wasn’t enough.

The rules are: 1 hour per day of unrestricted internet access, and an additional fifteen minutes for emails in the evening.

Even this is proving difficult. I am focusing on the basics.

My mantra:  I am a writer and a business consultant. If I write every day and use technology to support those efforts, I should be able to gain perspective. 


Try again.

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  1. When someone gives up smoking, they ask, “What do I do with my hands?” When you give up Facebook, the question is “What do you do with your time?!”

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