Hiking in the huachucas

Huachuca. Sounds kind of like: Waa-Choo-ka.

You’re welcome.

I have been hiking & backpacking lately in southern Arizona on the Arizona National Scenic Trail. I do it as a form of therapy and enforced quietude. It’s often so silent, so beautiful, and so rugged, that I get swept up in emotion unexpectedly.

Here are some recent pics and video I took while hiking from near the Mexican border to a place called Parker Canyon Lake.

I did it over 2 days. It was about 24(ish) miles, about 5,500′ of climbing and ~6,500′ of descending. Believe it or not, the descending was my least favorite.

Winner: 2021’s dopey-est hat contest!
This was worth the ~3,000 feet of climbing to get here.
Just when you think you’re all alone in the wilderness…