Flower Bee

Creatress, lover, traveller and sage

You gift the world and usher an age

of healing wonder


Deep blessings and bows for your care

your concern

do you care for yourself?

You have nothing left to earn and still you give

from the depths of Her

pouring out blessings with unspoken words

Where are you?

Who are you?

How are you here?

My path, yours

What is this place?

Your footsteps splash dewdrops on blades of grass

in each drop, the image of the moon

that is the moon

Wondrous walker

Mighty healer

What is just beyond your grasp

I honor you and bow deeply to that which is inside me

you have just awoken

the moon

in the dewdrop that quivers with glee at the prospect of joining

the One swelling just below, just beside, just above

what wonder when we become the ocean

to birth again

…a new dewdrop