Should I quit my job?

This post is from my latest newsletter. As I’m working on my book (round 2), I have begun to focus my efforts and my writing over at I still plan to post here now and then, but this site is reserved for whimsy, random musings, and other inanity. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll head on… Continue reading Should I quit my job?

What I’m up to of late

My desk & my life right now

One of the things I do is write. I’ve decided to get more serious about developing this facet of myself and to actually finish one of several books I’ve gotten underway.

This latest round of interest was sparked at a retreat I attended recently. Janet Conner was one of the session presenters and I learned about her story and her passion around writing. Her book, Writing Down Your Soul is a compelling read for anyone who’s been through trying times. It isn’t journaling. It isn’t prayer. It isn’t meditation. Yet it is part each of those.

Janet’s work and message connected with me so much that I am plunking down the money to take her once-yearly writing course (which starts in a week or so).

To prepare for the course, I’ve been working through several other books she recommended (Ray Bradbury’s Zen and the Art of Writing, and Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones).

One exercise that caught my attention was to write every day. That’s a sometimes daunting thing to do, especially when your mind is everywhere but on the page in front of you.

I’ll be doing a project called “This Moment” to build my writing muscles where for 30 days, I write something starting with the statement, “This moment,” – and then just roll with what comes.

Yesterday’s post, “The salad knows.” was the first of these. I may share more on this website.

Additionally, I’m working hard on Prolificate, my business coaching practice. I continue to feel in my bones that there are ideas trapped in minds around the world that I can help bring into being by using my business chops (chops? or are they merely business cutlets? Oooh, how about “business bacon”! You heard it here first.)

At any rate, I continue to meet business owners (current and future) who are good at their craft, but feel too intimidated by the obstacle of turning their dreaming into doing (a business, non-profit, NGO, or club, etc.). It’s slow going, as there is much competition for people’s attention, but I know I can help. I just need to figure out how to have my voice be heard and trusted. (open to your ideas here).

Look for more from me on multiple fronts including travel photos, personal and business writing, and other inanity soon.


Should I be more concerned?

We leave Cincinnati in 57 days. With one-way tickets to Kuala Lumpur. “We” means myself, my wife, my 15 year-old daughter and my 7 year-old daughter. People keep asking “Wow – you must be so busy preparing for your trip, right?” We do need to sell all our stuff, but keep putting that part off. Other… Continue reading Should I be more concerned?

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The Hills are Alive…

If you see a guy walking around Cincinnati singing Edelweiss, that’d be me. My youngest daughter Xela is rehearsing for her part as Gretl in the upcoming production of The Sound of Music. It’s playing at The Carnegie in Covington soon. After sitting through 3 or 4 hours a night listening to the rehearsals, the songs… Continue reading The Hills are Alive…

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Our travel [un]plans

I’ve alluded to this in some previous posts – we’re getting ready to hit the road and travel for an indefinite period of time. By “we”, I mean me, my wife, and our two daughters, age 7 and 15. This is something we’ve been working toward for a long time. We all enjoy travel and… Continue reading Our travel [un]plans

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I just checked the weather. Monday (3 days hence), the high temp here in Cincinnati is forecast to be -1F/-18C. In Kuala Lumpur, where we’ll be headed soon, the same day is forecast at a high temp of 85F/ 29C.
I love Cincinnati, but I don’t love cold.

Hey there.

Glad to see you here at my new digs. I plan to use this site for photography, general travel blogging, and my usual inanity. Stay tuned.

Oh, and turn off your computer. Go do something that makes you or someone else smile…