You go rest. I’ll wait here for you.

I've lit this candle to do the work. You rest awhile.

Sometimes I want someone to do this for me.   Goodnight beautiful Sun. Rest. Your body must ache from all that work. Day after day you burn, always shining, never asking anything from me. Day after day, you show up Day after day, you move Day after day, you lie down knowing Tomorrow must come and so you Cheerfully… Continue reading You go rest. I’ll wait here for you.

The strong, silent type

Fathers. You are enough. Your mind is full of your shortcomings, might-have-beens, and obligations. But you are enough. You spend lifetimes quietly punishing yourselves for what you should have done better. You think no one notices. Look in the eyes of your sons and daughters, THAT is unconditional love. We admire you. We know what… Continue reading The strong, silent type

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