The Hills are Alive…

If you see a guy walking around Cincinnati singing Edelweiss, that’d be me. My youngest daughter Xela is rehearsing for her part as Gretl in the upcoming production of The Sound of Music. It’s playing at The CarnegieĀ in Covington soon. After sitting through 3 or 4 hours a night listening to the rehearsals, the songs… Continue reading The Hills are Alive…

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Our travel [un]plans

I’ve alluded to this in some previous posts – we’re getting ready to hit the road and travel for an indefinite period of time. By “we”, I mean me, my wife, and our two daughters, age 7 and 15. This is something we’ve been working toward for a long time. We all enjoy travel and… Continue reading Our travel [un]plans

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I just checked the weather. Monday (3 days hence), the high temp here in Cincinnati is forecast to be -1F/-18C. In Kuala Lumpur, where we’ll be headed soon, the same day is forecast at a high temp of 85F/ 29C.
I love Cincinnati, but I don’t love cold.

Nothing Ever Stays The Same.

I’m part of a group of friends that’s been together – more or less – for 30 years. We’re all very different people – different tastes, likes, etc. For some reason, it’s as if this group has been suspended in time. At one point, we all spent lots of time together, complete with parties, group… Continue reading Nothing Ever Stays The Same.

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DIY Photography class continues

Still getting the hang of the new RX100 (a Sony camera that packs pro-quality components into a compact point & shoot form factor). Here’s a macro shot I took today of a plant leaf from our apartment…

Hey there.

Glad to see you here at my new digs. I plan to use this site for photography, general travel blogging, and my usual inanity. Stay tuned.

Oh, and turn off your computer. Go do something that makes you or someone else smile…