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Pics from a winter walk around Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a fantastic place with lots of contrast and variety – you just have to look for it. Like anywhere, you get subtleties of vibrant versus maudlin, rich and poor, urban and rural.

Though I’ve lived here off and on for 40 years, when I choose to open my eyes and observe, I never fail to find something surprising.

I hope you enjoy this set of photos I took while on a family walk on New Years Day.



Goodbye (for now) to Downtown Cincinnati

The old next to the reborn in Cincinnati

About a month ago we made the decision to leave Cincinnati and head to Southeast Asia in the spring.

We love the city of Cincinnati and the friends and relationships we’ve developed here.

My wife and I are still young enough to enjoy (and remember) the places we want our children to see, and we’re both ready for a change of scenery, so off we go.

Over the coming months, I’ll be posting updates. We’re avowed minimalists, and make it our aim to live with only those material things that make our lives better in some way. Traveling long-term with this mindset may prove challenging, but I suspect we’ll figure it out. Plenty before us have done just that.

Til then, be well, and find a way to leave it better than you found it.


Here’s a taste of the lovely city we’re leaving behind. You really should come see it.








Hey there.

Glad to see you here at my new digs. I plan to use this site for photography, general travel blogging, and my usual inanity. Stay tuned.

Oh, and turn off your computer. Go do something that makes you or someone else smile…